Saturday, 20 April 2013


So I made a Wantworthy a while ago and I thought I would show it to you guys! I love this website it's amazing for making my own little wish lists. I'm someone who loves organisation, so this is perfect for me as you can make different wish lists. I have a beauty, summer clothes and room wish list. This website allows you to have a little tab above your tabs on safari, I'm not sure how it works on PCs but, on my macbook I have a little tab which I click whilst online shopping and it quickly adds whatever I'm wanting to add to my list. I thought Wantworthy would also be a good way of sharing the things I love to you. Plus, I have not really shown my style yet to you guys, so this would be a perfect way for you to check out the clothes I'm dying to buy! So, If you would like to see what's on my Wantworthy click here!

If any of you have a Wantworthy feel free to leave a link to yours in the comments,  I'd love to look at yours! Hope you are all having a fabby weekend. The weather is so lovely today in scotland for a change! I have my first exam next thurday. I'm so nervous. Fingers crossed the studying pays off!



  1. I love wantworthy its amazing!

  2. I love making lists of products and clothes I want, this website is just perfect for me! Thanks for this post, I made an account straight away!